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Locost Builder's Sites

Locost founder Ron Champion

Al's Haynes Build Canadian modified Haynes V6 Roadster
Alan's Home Page UK Build
Champion MotorCars US distributor for Ron Champion
Clive's Car Project UK based Locost
ClubbiesSA South Australian Clubman Builders / Drivers Group
Dick Lukoszek's Build Nissan CA18 Turbo build in far North Qld
Don Lewis's Build Build using 2006 MX5 donor with mods for a paraplegic
Gumby's Web Pages Aussie High School Project - Mazda MX5 donor
Locost Home Page Sean Houlihane's Locost page
Marcus and Roland's Page UK Build
Martin's Build Martin Heppenstall's locost build
McSorley Locost Site Jim McSorley's US site, inc CAD plans
Peter Ogden's Locost Page Author of GearCalc Utility
Puma Cars Puma Clubman
Ron Champion's Official Site Our "founders" Site
Ron's Locost RX7 based Locost
Jim McSorley's Site New site with 3D modelling
A Texas Locost New site from the USA

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Other Clubman Varieties

Some other Clubman manufacturers ......

Birkin PRB
Caterham Robin Hood
Elfin Sylva
Formula 27 Tiger 6
Fraser Westfield
Leitch Other Types







BIRKIN Home Page Manufacturers site

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Caterham Cars Manufacturers site
Caterham Racing Official racing site
Jarod's Caterham 7 Complete build diary
Paul's Caterham Homepage Lots of links

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Dax Rush

Dax Cars Manufacturers Site
Dax Rush Owners Club 
Duncan's Dax Diary Duncan Hurst v8 Dax Rush

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Elfin Sports Cars Australian 7 founded by Gary Cooper

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Formula 27

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Bill Sherwood's Page 
Fraser Cars Ltd

Manufacturers site

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West Coast Roadsters 

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PRB Australia Manufacturers site

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Robin Hood

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Building a Tiger Cat E1 Leo & Ashok's page

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The Official Westfield Sports Cars Manufacturers site
Westfield (Arrow) Sports Cars in Australia Australian Distributor
Westfield SEiGHT A little car with the big engine

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Other Types

Almac Cars A NZ company - 7s & Cobras
AC Cobra Page  
Donkevoort Manufacturers site
Flat Six Porsche Page Porsche
Lotus Seven Register  
Scale Model Collection Extensive collection of "7" models
Sevens FAQ Comprehensive list of answers

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Technical Stuff

50 Free HP "cheap" horsepower
Bill Sherwood's Modified 4AGE page Definative 4A-GE site
Bill Sherwood's Engine Theory Page Great detail on the heart
Club 4AG Home Page 4A-GE home page
Cosworth Type Reference Everything Cosworth
Dwornik Engineering UK AVO distributor/Locost parts
Engine Weight FYI Dave William's weights of various (US) engines
More Go Kart Plans Highly rated, professionally designed plans, blueprints on how to build motorised vehicles
Golden Gate Lotus Club Tech articles for Lotus Cars
Harborfrieght Online hardware shop
Haynes Publications Buy "the book" here
McMaster Online hardware/tool shop
MatWeb Info on all types of materials
Miata.Net Under the Hood Maintenance Articles
Nissan Sylvia Site Lots of technical stuff inc manuals and wiring diagrams
Supercharged Toyota 4AGZE Technical Info As found in the Toyota MR2

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Part Suppliers and Motor Wreckers

Adelaide Jap Dismantlers Source of my MX5 parts
Bevan Youngs OnLine Bookshop On-line automotive bookshop
Bob Jane T-Marts Australias biggest tyre chain
Davies Craig Cooling Fans Automotive Cooling
Disc Brakes Australia Tech articles on brakes
MoTeC Australia Engine Management Systems
Nitron Racing Systems High performance dampers
Parts Locator On-line searchable database
Performance Engines (ICHiban) Japanese part importer
Roadsters.Com US motor sport site
ROH Wheels Australian wheel manufacturer

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Discussion Groups

Ozclubbies - an Australian discussion forum on all things Seven or Clubman

Haynes Chassis Builders Forum

LocostUSA Forum

UK Locost Builders Forum - a good reference especially for Gibbs builders

New Zealand Builders Forum

Mazda Miata (MX-5) Technical List - mostly engine based discussion

Sevens FAQ


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